1290 Broadway

A 17 story downtown office building with an existing legacy building management system on all major pieces of heating and cooling equipment. Distribution system is based on the Zbox design - utilizing more than the typical 4 per floor, simply because of the architectural layout of the building.

The building owner chose to convert the z-boxes to DDC on a floor by floor basis as they were built out for tenants. The conversion was partially included in the tenant finish costs. This was done without changing out the legacy system or interfacing with it in any manner. The floors were renovated to DDC and put on the WEB outside the confines of the legacy system.

After more than half the floors were upgraded to DDC, which entailed approximately 4 years, the legacy system was finally upgraded to state of the art, Niagara based system. It was then that the floors were incorporated into the overall building management system.

This is the optimum method of migrating the building from the older technology to the newer technology. On top of that, the system now installed is completely open, meaning the building owner has the licenses and programming tools to either perform upgrades or maintenance on their own or contract with another certified Niagara firm to perform service work. ESCO obviously desires this work but will not limit the client in pursuing other alternatives if so desired.

- Charlie Klapperich, President

Energy Services of Colorado

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